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Building Healthy Soil

May 17

Healthy soil supports your plants. Learn about the microscopic network of life teeming below ground and ways you can support  microbes that make your garden grow.

The Power of Healing Gardens

May 18

Dr. Lisa Philander, curator of the U of M's new Conservatory & Botanical Collection, shares how gardens impact individuals, societies, cultures and the environment.

All About Ligularia

May 18

Let's talk about leopard plants and their compatibility with other plants in your garden.

Backyard Food Forests

June 7

Russ Henry, founder of Bee Safe Minneapolis, shares how you can plan and plant landscapes filled with fruiting native trees, shrubs and edible perennials.

Regenerating Urban Land

a four-part workshop

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All classes are presented by Paula Westmoreland of Ecological Design, LLC.

Understanding Water

May 24

Explore our water paradigm and discuss strategies you can use for working with water on land in your circle of care.

Working with Plants

June 28

Explore ecological partnerships to cultivate in your work with plants and strategies for supporting plant life during climate change.

Working with Urban Soil

August 16

Dig into soil ecosystems, the latest science in growing nutrient-dense foods, the challenges of urban soils and ways to regenerate it.

Cultivating a Deeper Land Relationship

September 13

Gather lessons, stories, assessment tools and practices to help you understand your land more deeply.

Pollinator Monitoring

June 14

Get ready for National Pollinator Week with the UMN Bee Lab! Learn bee ID basics, how to use your phone to monitor bees and where monitoring and data collection is most needed.

pollinator week

A celebratory week of classes!

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