What is Garden-in-a-Box?

We launched Garden-in-a-Box (GIAB) in 2008 to teach vegetable gardening to kids so they could eat more fresh produce. Today, GIAB provides vegetable gardening kits for hundreds of community groups.

GIAB helps underserved children and families experience the benefits (and joys!) of gardening: affordable healthy food, outdoor activity, education and community building. This program gives childcare providers, community program coordinators and teachers the chance to incorporate hands-on learning experiences into their programs.

Community partners

We team up with other organizations to distribute vegetable gardening kits; organizations have the garden kits on site or distribute to families to grow at home.

Partnering organizations can be nonprofit and community organizations, childcare centers, community centers, schools, and in some cases, family homes. This year, we are partnering with organizations in the Twin Cities metro area along with organizations in Northern, Central, and Southeastern Minnesota.

Garden kits

Participating organizations receive free garden kits for growing vegetables to distribute among their program participants starting in May. All materials needed to start a small-space container garden will be donated at no cost to the participants:

  1. 3’ diameter polypropylene box from Garden Circles Raised Bed Gardens. The box is 1’ deep.
  2. Enough soil from CreekSide Soils to fill the box (10 cubic feet).
  3. Natural fertilizer from Sustane.
  4. A selection of vegetable plants from Wagner Greenhouses suited for small space gardens.
  5. Seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.

You also receive educational support on gardening and cooking, youth friendly gardening materials, and access to expert gardeners. Once accepted into the program, you are eligible to receive plants, material, and support for three growing seasons assuming you complete all requirements.