Recommended Presenter:

Vera Krischik

St. Paul, MN


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Associate Professor of Entomology at U of M. MS, PhD Ecology. Extension Specialist in Landscape Integration Pest Management (IPM). Studied ecology at the University of Maryland where she earned a Ph.D. in Entemology and a MS in Zoology. Vera was a NSF sponsored visiting professor in plant chemistry and physiology at the Institute of Ecosystem Studies, New York, Botanical garden.

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30+ years experience including numerous MSHS and Garden show events.  Presentation Type: Lecture. References: Mary Meyer: 612-624-3660; 952-443-1447

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Pest Management of pests in gardens, landscapes, trees, flowers and turf, Japanese beetle management, Managing bores in plants, Introduction to insects in landscapes, Introduction to insects in gardens, Pollinator conservation, Pollinators and pesticides, Native bees and pesticides, Rose pests, Insect soil pests, Climate change and insects, Resistant elm trees, Bumblebees and how to save them, Native wasps and bees, Exotic insects