7 Plants to Attract Bumble Bees to the Garden

bumblebee on coneflower

Honey bees get a lot of attention and credit as hardworking pollinators, and we all understand the benefits of keeping a hive or two of honey bees near the garden. But amidst all the buzz about honey bees, we sometimes overlook the contributions of the humble bumble bee to the success of our gardens. There’s…

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January/February Northern Gardener on Newsstands

The January/February issue of Northern Gardener will be on newsstands tomorrow and it’s full of stories and photos to warm the coldest, sub-zero night of the winter. Just look at that gorgeous photo of a ‘Rosa de la Noche’ waterlily on the cover. Thank you, Soni Forsman, for sharing that beautiful shot with Northern Gardener…

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Seed Catalogs and Your Fantasy Garden

This essay previously appeared in the November/December issue of Northern Gardener. By Samantha Johnson It’s winter—or it will be before we know it. When it comes, peace and quiet fill our once-vibrant gardens. Dormant bulbs slumber under a comforter of snow. Empty garden beds wait for next year. It’s the season of holidays, warm food…

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