Saving and Storing Dahlia Tubers

saving and storing dahlias

  Since dahlias are native to Mexico, it’s not surprising that they can’t survive our winters here. What makes them so popular with northern gardeners, however, is the fact that they grow from tubers, which we can dig up and store inside during the winter. This makes them “perennial” in some respects, because we can…

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BOGO Perennials

bogo perennials

The intensely seasonal nature of the greenhouse and nursery industry in our region means that many gardeners only shop for plants in spring and early summer. Planting early in the season lengthens the amount of time a northern gardener can enjoy a plant that year, so it makes sense that most of us don’t buy…

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How to Build a Rain Garden

rain garden

Rain gardens collect and filter stormwater runoff from impermeable surfaces such as building rooftops and parking lots. These surfaces often contain pollutants and debris like chemicals from cars, pet waste, grass clippings, road salt, and other nutrient-heavy sediment that rainfall washes away. We can prevent these foreign particles from washing into nearby waterways by redirecting…

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Garden Gratitude

The November/December issue of Northern Gardener included a lovely essay by Laura Schwarz on the month of November and garden gratitude. Here are some excerpts to ponder this Thanksgiving Day. The November gardening lull gives us time for gratitude. Before our fingernails fully return to their original state of cleanliness, let’s walk around our gardens…

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