Strategic Plan

We're growing forward. Our bold, 5-year plan kicked off in 2021, building upon successful growth in 2020 and responding to the great need for increased support for the full northern gardener community.

GIAB girls


Growing, together.

We are all gardeners, growing plants and the society in a way that brings us into unity and serves the needs of our families and our community.


Cultivating a healthy, diverse, sustainable community of northern gardeners.

The physical and mental health benefits of gardening are needed now more than ever. Just as a garden flourishes with a diversity of plants and inputs, we are strengthening our society though deepening partnership and programs with the rich diversity of cultures, ages, interests and locations of all northern growers. And we continue to promote and educate ourselves about the vital impact that gardening has on the health of our planet.

GIAB leaders
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Expanding Education

Expand the reach and scope of our inspiring horticultural education.

  • Increase by 65% the number of people learning about horticulture through our magazine, enews, social media and website.
  • Double number of participants in our in-person, online and recorded workshops, addressing the diverse needs and interests of our full community.
  • 10,000 visitors to our online Resource Hub every month.
  • Design and launch an MSHS signature event to complement participation in other events.
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Increasing Impact

Advance our programs and partnerships in existing and new programs addressing health, environment, equity and community.

  • Double number of participants in new and existing programs addressing health, environment, equity and community.
  • Triple number and depth of collaboration with community industry, nonprofit and government partners.
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Strengthening Membership

Grow and strengthen our connection with members.

  • Increase member retention to 75% through member satisfaction with service, benefits, recognition and community experience.
  • Grow membership to 10,000 and increase range of age, race, location, income, gender/orientation and gardening experience/interest.

Building Capacity

Increase our financial and operational capacity to sustain growth.

  • $1 million total annual income
  • 14 board and 9 staff have the capacity, diversity and succession planning to sustainably run the society.
  • MSHS facilities advance our mission, meeting the needs of our team, members and programs.

Our strategic plan is an affirmation of the collective strength we've built over 150+ years, and our opportunity to continue evolving our understanding and capacity to serve northern growers. We look forward to growing, together.

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