Seasonal Guide

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Even in the dead of winter in the Upper Midwest, here are some garden-related chores you can tackle ...

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The ground is finally starting to thaw ...

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The garden's finally heating up ...

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Kick back and reap what you've sown ...

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That summer heat is fading into fall ...

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Brace yourselves—another winter's coming ...

fall into winter

Fall into Winter

Compiled by the Ramsey County Master Gardeners, these resources provide extensive information on everything garden-related during September-February. 

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Show your garden some love during the Valentine's season ...

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Early spring to-dos ...

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Summer's setting in ...

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Weed, water and harvest ...

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Leaves, pumpkins and winding down ...

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And just like that, it's winter again ...

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Dig in!

New to northern gardening? High five! Let us help you find your zone, prep your soil and get started ...

plant tag

How to Read a Plant Tag

A walk-through of how to read and understand all of the information you might find on a plant tag. 

essential tools

Let's Grow Stuff: Essential Tools

As part of the PBS Wisconsin "Let's Grow Stuff" series, this introductory gardening video focuses on the essential tools for getting started in the garden. 

basic garden terms

Basic Garden Terms Explained

A helpful, easy-to-read guide to garden terminology 101.

hardiness zone (1)

Find Your Hardiness Zone

Determining the hardiness zone of where you're gardening is key. Read here to find out!

tomato rainbow

Is It Ripe Yet?

Knowing when to pick vegetables for peak taste and texture is a skill many gardeners develop after years of trial and error. Generally, however, vegetables fall into two categories.


Preserving Herbs

As we get to the end of the gardening season, herbs become more precious than ever. What’s your favorite way to preserve herbs for the winter?

Yellow Patty Pan summer squash harvest

Savoring Summer Squash

You’re busily attempting to keep up with the watering and weeding that midsummer necessitates; and all the while, you’re eyeing the ever-growing number of summer squash populating your plants...

storing winter squash

How to Store Squash for Winter

When stored properly, winter squash can keep for weeks or months. Read for handy harvest and storage tips! 


When To Harvest Vegetables

Generally speaking, picking early and often is the best way to harvest vegetables for maximum production. However, there are crop-specific approaches to harvesting.


Preserving the Harvest from Your Vegetable Garden

You have several options preserving the harvest to enjoy next winter when its home-grown taste will be so appreciated!

Citrullus Crimson Suits

Is My Melon Ready?

You may be looking at the wild vines in your vegetable garden and wondering if your melon is ripe yet. Here’s how to tell.

summer bulb bouquet

Summer Bulbs: Planting and Care

Summer bulbs are the show-offs of the garden. They’re big, they’re bright, they’re colorful, some are even a little bit loud—and that’s what we love about them!


Roughing Up Roots for Summer Planting

Whatever plant you buy, it has been sitting in its pot a long, long time. Now is a time when a gardener needs to get rough.

plants for cutting garden

Plants for a Cutting Garden

Author Susie Morris offers her plant recommendations for a stunning cut flower garden.

tulip bulbs in bloom

Top 3 Tips for Fall Bulb Planting

If you have a new garden, fall bulb planting is a great way to add to the spring beauty of your garden before your shrubs and perennials come into their own.

Betula platyphylla

Fall Planting: How Late Can You Go?

Fall is a great time for planting, though as we get past mid-October, the question is how late in fall can you plant?

grow cut flower garden

Grow a Cut Flower Garden

Grow your own flowers for a season of beautiful bouquets! With these helpful tips, you'll be growing your own arrangements in no time. 

growing natives from seed

Growing Natives from Seed Webinar

In this MSHS Webinar, David Woods, conservation program director for Urban Roots, shares how you can propagate seeds for planting.

winter sowing

Winter and Spring Sowing

How to get started and hints to keep growing.


Our Favorite Seed Sources for Vegetable Gardens

If you’ve tried to start your own vegetable seeds, you’ll find a lot of choices —both for varieties as well as places to buy them. Here are some catalogs that we like.


How to Make Seed-Starting Mix

Gardeners who start a lot of plants from seed or want to control all the elements of their seed starting may want to make their own seed starting mix.

soil temperature

Using Soil Temperature to Decide When to Plant

Consider using soil temperature as a tool to help decide when to plant in your garden. 

collecting seed

Collecting Seed

Ready to jump into seed collection? Take a look at these tips from our MN SEED project pros on how to responsibly collect seed. 


Seed Shopping Tips for Budget-Conscious Gardeners

The snow looks gray and gross, the sun hasn’t been out in weeks, and April seems a long way off. Time for some seed shopping!


When To Start Tomato Seeds?

Yes, the thermometer out my window reads 10 degrees F; today is a good day to start tomatoes from seed. Read to find out why!


Seeds vs. Starter Plants

How do you figure out which seeds to start indoors and which starter plants to buy from the garden center?


winter sowing milk jugs

Winter Sowing Step-by-Step Instructions

A straight-forward and easy-to-follow guide to sowing seeds outdoors during the winter. 

seed saving tools

Seed Saving Tools

A comprehensive list of tools, guides, and resources on seed saving. 

guide to seed collecting

Guide to Seed Collecting

Check out these quick and simple steps to learning about seed collecting.