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Veggie Garden Pest Management

July 19

Vegetable plants can attract a wide variety of pests. Learn how to manage them and minimize their impact on your harvest.

Floral Design Basics

August 6

The MSHS Judging & Exhibiting Committee will present floral design basics in this fun drop-in style workshop.

Sustainable Landscape Design Basics

September 19

A five-session workshop! Learn the theory and basic principles of sustainable landscape design and avoid common mistakes. 

Pre-Recorded Webinars

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Dig into the archives and find our favorite, pre-recorded presentations ($8 each). Gain instant access to info on a variety of topics and learn from trusted cold-climate gardening pros.

Regenerating Urban Land Workshop

All classes are presented by Paula Westmoreland of Ecological Design, LLC.

Working with Urban Soil

August 16

Dig into soil ecosystems, the latest science in growing nutrient-dense foods, the challenges of urban soils and ways to regenerate it.

Cultivating a Deeper Land Relationship

September 13

Gather lessons, stories, assessment tools and practices to help you understand your land more deeply.

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