Recommended Presenters

Find experts in a wide range of gardening and environmental topics for your next garden club meeting or special event. See our list of suggested presenters below.

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Speakers are listed alphabetically by last name with areas of expertise highlighted below. Click on any name to learn more.

Matthew Alfs
Edible and medicinal weeds and wild plants


Faith Applequist
Pruning, fruit trees, trees for MN, climate change and steps to sustainability


Paul Buck
Tree pruning and maintenance, community gardens, greening projects, landscaping for wildlife and energy conservation, prairie gardens


Bob Dahm
Organic lawncare, alternative turf, biological buckthorn remediation, soil health, season extension for northern gardens


William Dougherty
Water iris, low-maintenance landscapes, tubers and corms, lilies, rock gardens


Soni Forsman
Water gardening in containers, pondless waterfalls, growing lotus and waterlilies


Philippe Gallandat
Fearless pruning, garden art, plant propagation, container gardening, backyard berry growing, herbs, rock gardens, repairing shrub and tree injuries


Heidi Heiland
Container gardening, edible landscapes, perennials, horticultural therapy, future of gardenscaping, environmental trends

Heather Holm
Pollinators, native bee biology and natural history, beneficial insects, native plants, ecological landscape restoration, pollination ecology


Jane Horn 
Shade gardening, ornamental plant selection and design tips, containers for shade and sun


Mimi Hottinger
Urban forestry, invasive plant issues, pruning, choosing trees and shrubs


Rick Juliusson
MSHS strategic plan, expanding Society reach over next five years and impact in the Minnesota (and beyond) horticultural movement


Joel Karsten
Strawbale gardens, landsape lighting, composting, building an outdoor room, year-round container gardening


Jennifer Knutson
Cutting garden, peonies, clematis, miniature gardens, shade gardens, moon gardens, houseplants, lilies, hostas, flowering shrubs, spring-blooming bulbds, attracting birds and butterflies, vines, outdoor entertaining


Vera Krischik
Pest management, Japanese beetles, pollinator conservation, native bees and pesticides, rose pests, climate change and insects, exotic insects


Debbie Lonnee
New perennials and woody plants, evolution of Bailey Nurseries brands

Jim Lovestar
Food dehydration, growing microgreens and sprouts, composting


Peter MacDonagh
Urban trees, greenroofs, trees and stormwater, green infrastructure, soil analysis, wetland and shore restoration, landscaping for wildlife


Michelle Mero Riedel
Winter sowing, garden photography, cool-weather containers, best annuals and perennials, mixing veggies and herbs and flowers, container garden trends, adding adventurous color to the garden


Gail Nozal
Pruning trees and shrubs, landscaping for energy conservation, urban trees, evergreens, pests and diseases of urban trees, bur oak blight, oak wilt and Dutch elm disease


Vickie Pondell
Trees, shrubs, roses, perennials, nursery production practices


Stephen Saupe
Trees or shrubs of central MN, natural history of spring wildflowers, woodland flowers, edible wild plants


Courtney Tchida
Planning your spring garden, rotation, companions, successions and cover crops