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Minnesota Green Plant Donation Network

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can request donated plants and materials?
    Any group of dedicated gardeners involved in community gardening projects.
  • Where can we plant the donations?
    Plants are for any public gardens not for private use.
  • What sites qualify as public spaces?
    Land which has been designated public such as a park, school, church, boulevard, alley or permission from landowners to use the space as a community site (i.e. community gardens, vacant lots, right of ways, etc.)
  • How can we be sure to get the plants we need?
    There are no guarantees. Over the last ten years, through the generosity of growers, garden centers, nurseries, seed companies, and individuals, plant donations have ranged from native and non-native bare root trees and shrubs to hardy perennials and thousands of flats of annuals.
  • How does the email notification system work?
    When plant material becomes available all registered Minnesota Green groups will receive a broadcast email notifying them of the available material. You will have 48 hours to respond and indicate your interest regarding plant material listed in the email. After the 48 hours elapse, we will email everyone who responded about the specifics regarding quantity, plant type, pick-up location, and time-frame. We suggest you begin with a network of people willing to pick up the plants, preferably with a truck, trailer or van. Let us know how far you are willing to travel to get these plants. We will also need the names of the site(s) you are working with and addresses or locations of greening activity.
  • Who coordinates the Minnesota Green Program?
    The Minnesota State Horticultural Society (MSHS), a non-profit member supported organization, administers the Minnesota Green Program.

Minnesota Green Registration Form

For more information regarding Minnesota Green contact Tom McKusick at 651.643.3601 or 800.676.6747, ext. 205.

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