Help Restore State Funding

Thank you for hearing our urgent rallying cry. The first draft of the 2021/2022 state budget does not include the funding that has helped MSHS serve northern growers for over 150 years.

In these tough times, we need more—not less—of the critical work MSHS does to address challenges like food security, the environment, physical and mental health, education and community. The government needs to hear our voices to understand the importance of continued and increased funding to MSHS. Please consider three ways we can come together to turn this around: support our mission and work, including valuable community outreach programs, educational offerings and our award-winning publication, Northern Gardener magazine. help them understand and support the need for continued and increased funding for MSHS. further show state representatives how important MSHS is to you and the community, and to help keep our vital programs running until funding is restored.


We’re pleased to share that Governor Walz’s supplemental budget now includes restored funding for MSHS. Final negotiations and approval will begin after the Senate and House release their budgets, so we still do need your voice (i.e., petition signatures and comments) to ensure that the funding restoration is passed, and to hopefully negotiate an increase so we can serve even more communities in need in this continuing time of need.

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Thank you for your support!