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Celebrate summer with the July/August issue of Northern Gardener!

Botanical Garden in the Suburbs: With more than 400 kinds of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals plus a pond and gazebo, this suburban yard is like a mini-botanical garden. Join us for a visit!

Clever Containers: Who says you have to use a pot to contain plants? We've got a dozen great ideas for clever containers for any style garden.

A Garden for the Generations: This big country garden is the center of family life for multiple generations—all of them gardeners.


  • Unusual Native Plants
  • So Many Kinds of Basil
  • Beneficial Insects in the Greenhouse

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Create Fall Beauty with Shrubs and More: Small trees, shrubs and fall-blooming perennials can extend the season of beauty in your garden well into the fall. We suggest design strategies and plants.

A Garden Built by Love: Bridget and Randy Rau fell in love with gardening, and then with each other. They've been gardening together ever since, fashioning a yard that reflects their quirky artistic sensibilities.

Dahlias, Tomatoes, Children: At Two Pony Gardens, a natural gem on Long Lake in the western Twin Cities, Lisa Ringer grows dahlias and tomatoes—dozens of varieties of each. But she also nurtures an appreciation for nature in city children through an environmental education program she started.


  • The latest on rose rosette disease
  • Low maintenance, big effect
  • What pollinators want


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