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Ring in the holiday Season with the November/December Issue of Northern Gardener!

Here’s what’s in store:

Bells, Buttons, Balloons: Flower shape adds another dimension to your garden design. We have tips on how to choose perennials and annuals to shape up your garden.

DIY Flower Arrangements: It’s easy to use your own garden for bouquets and arrangements all season long. A florist shows you how.

Gifts for Gardeners on a Budget: We’ve got 25 great gift ideas, all under $50.


  • A new technique for removing buckthorn
  • A conifer garden
  • MSHS Award winners!

In the Next Issue of Northern Gardener Magazine

Beat the winter blues with the January/February issue of Northern Gardener!

Here’s what’s in store:

10 Plants That Shimmer in the Garden: Add plants with silver foliage to your garden to create texture and dimension. We’ve got 10 suggestions.

Build a Greenhouse on a Budget: You could spend thousands on a greenhouse, or do what this thrifty gardener did, and use a greenhouse kit and some ingenuity to fashion a practical and fun home greenhouse.

Brilliant Backyard: Over the years, a Bloomington gardener has used smart design and low-care plants to nurture her impressive, do-it-yourself garden.


  • A nontoxic way to remove buckthorn
  • All about asparagus
  • Preventing stem-girdling roots

Historical Publications

The Minnesota Reflections database has MSHS' historical publications from 1866-2013

The entire archive of MSHS publications from 2013 going back to 1866 has been digitized and is available online as part of the Minnesota Reflections database, a collection of original materials shared by cultural heritage organizations throughout Minnesota.

Minnesota Reflections is the premier project of the Minnesota Digital Library.

You can browse Minnesota Reflections by contributing organization, and once in the MSHS collection, you can search the archive by key word.

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