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What is it?

With support from a Capitol Region Watershed Grant, the MN SEED Project is helping local residents save seeds from native plants they are identifying and inventorying in 2021. Then, these seeds can be shared and propagated to increase the biodiversity and populations of native plants in our region.

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Getting started

Register for our Native Plant Identification class and learn how to use iNaturalist, a free, easy-to-use plant identification app, to inventory and identify your native plants. Then, this fall, join socially distanced, in-person events and discover how and when to collect seeds. Plus, you'll be invited to seed swap events and a class on propagating native plants.

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Join the project

Ready to sign up for our MN SEED Community Science Project? Wonderful—welcome! Anyone growing within the Capitol Region Watershed District can access class discounts and giveaways.

The MN SEED Community Science Project is support, in part, by the Capitol Region Watershed District.

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