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Guidelines for Judging and Exhibiting

The primary purpose of a flower show is to educate the participants and the public about horticulture. Flower Shows give gardeners of all levels the opportunity to display what they grow. 


The rules for entering a flower show are in the Schedule. The Schedule is the "law of the show," and all exhibitors are bound by these laws.  It includes the location of the show and when you should bring your specimens to be judged, as well as when to pick up your plants. The Schedule announces all sections and classes as well as rules which govern all exhibits in each division.

The MSHS Schedule for the State Fair Plant Show explains what kind of specimens are accepted, how they are to be staged, how long a specimen should have been in your possession, and other pertinent facts. There is no preregistration at this time.

The Horticulture Division of a Standard Flower Show is divided into several different sections. Within each section are classes. Sections are stated in the Flower Show Schedule that has been published.

Certification of Judges in the Minnesota State Horticultural Society from the Exhibiting and Judging Handbook
Judges and student judges are required to report to MSHS detailing shows they have entered, shows they have judged, and continuing education. It is the responsibility of the judge or student judge to complete all necessary tasks to maintain their certification.


How to become a Judge

How to Renew Certification

When Certification has expired

Contents of the Judging Schools

MSHS Judges and Student Judges Reporting Form as a word doc

MSHS Judges and Student Judges Reporting Form as a PDF


Judging and Exhibiting Opportunities

Judges are required to judge plant shows to retain their certification.  Here are links for opportunities to judge:

Northern Gardener Magazine - Calendar of events - Garden Clubs holding plant shows
Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota County Fairs
Plant Societies

Minnesota Garden Clubs (click on a district for a list of garden clubs for that district)

Note: track down a copy of the Schedule early so you have adequate time to prepare.


Minnesota State Horticultural Society Exhibiting and Judging Handbook
The MSHS Exhibiting and Judging Handbook is currently out of print. We hope to update it soon. 
Click here to download a pdf of the Exhibiting and Judging Handbook.

Minnesota State Horticultural Society Judges List
A list of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society Judges is available from our office by containing Rose Eggert RoseE@northerngardener.org.

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