How Does Minnesota Green Work?

Donors contact us when plant material becomes available, and then we reach out to Minnesota Green program participants. Those who are interested can pick up the donations at our Roseville office or at the donor’s site.

Plant Donations and Community Gardens

The Minnesota State Horticultural Society's Minnesota Green Program began in 1988 and has been serving the greening efforts of thousands of volunteer gardeners throughout the state. The program is primarily a plant re-distribution process: MSHS saves plants that growers, garden centers, individuals and groups cannot sell. Then we donate them to community gardens and green spaces.

What MSHS Provides

  • Plant Donation Network for public spaces only. Neither the plants or their produce are to be sold at this time.
  • Community Gardening Links: networking and resource opportunities:
    • Statewide Awards Program recognizing individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to greening efforts in public gardens and community projects
    • Community Garden Guide: Complimentary copies are available upon request of the handbook: "Creating Community Gardens: A Handbook for Planning and Creating Community Gardens to Beautify and Enhance Cities and Towns."


What Is A Community Garden?

It's a garden maintained by a group of people to meet the needs of that group.


Email us or call (651) 643-3601.