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The Donation Garden

Since 2011, the Donation Garden in Long Lake has planted, harvested and delivered fresh vegetables to local food shelves. Growing vegetables on a little less than a tenth of an acre, the garden yielded more than 2,700 pounds of produce last year, and 100 percent was donated to people in need. Janie Delaney is the lead coordinator of the Donation Garden, which is a member of MSHS’ Minnesota Green program. She describes the group effort that goes into tending the garden.

“There is a core group of about six dedicated volunteers who spend two to three hours working in the garden twice a week,” she says. “We have quite a system and everyone gravitates toward doing one or two things that they manage themselves, like taking care of the squash, or the tomatoes or the beans. One person washes and preps; another is the planner.” The garden contributes fresh produce to three area food shelves as well as those attending monthly community meals at three local churches.

Janie is grateful for the support the group receives from some local businesses and individuals. “Harvest Moon Food Co-op in Long Lake furnishes cooler space so we can put the fresh-picked veggies right in the cooler from the garden,” she says. Otten Bros. Garden Center and Landscaping, Riverbend Farms and Greg Reynolds are also sponsors.

Janie is also thankful for Minnesota Green, which has provided a large quantity of the seeds and plant material used in the garden. “Without Minnesota Green we could not have accomplished so much!”

For more information on the Donation Garden, visit www.thedonationgarden.org.


Stevens Square Community Gardens

In Minneapolis, the Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO) manages the North and South LaSalle Community Gardens, which were started in 1997 and surround The Coyle apartment building at 1801 LaSalle Avenue.

Waite House Neighborhood Center

The Waite House Neighborhood Center supports the diverse Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis through a number of social programs. It aims to be a hub of urban agriculture and is the home of the Phillips Community Healthy Living Initiative (PCHLI), which is a collaboration of organizations committed to improving health and wellness.


CAPI is a nonpro­fit organization that serves more than 4,000 low-income immigrants and refugees primarily living in Hennepin County.

Newport on the Move

In 2017, the Newport on the Move Community Garden had to, well, move when the city of Newport wanted to re-purpose the land.


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