Do You Have Plants to Donate?

Do you have extra plants, or plants that are still viable but no longer "retail-ready?" Donate them to MSHS’ Minnesota Green program and receive a tax deduction!

Minnesota Green welcomes donations of annual flowers, herbs, and vegetables (through July 30), as well as perennial plants, trees, and shrubs anytime throughout the season. We also accept donations of gardening tools and supplies.

You simply email us with a description of the material you have to donate, and we will come pick it up and distribute it from our headquarters in Roseville.

Once you made a donation, an in-kind donation acknowledgement will be provided by MSHS at the end of the year for tax purposes.

All donations are distributed to non-profit groups gardening in community gardens and public green spaces. The groups include schools, residential facilities for senior and disabled individuals, public housing developments, community gardens, and parks. Apart from boulevard plantings, none of the plant material can be used on an individual’s private property. Your donations help beautify neighborhoods, strengthen communities, and enable people to grow their own healthy food.

Email us or call 651-643-3601.

Donations Have a Huge Impact on the Community

Minnesota Green Program Donors

Thanks to our Fiscal years 2018-2019 Minnesota Green Donors:


Barb Webb

Como Conservatory

Culinary Delights Farm

Deb Keiser

Egg/Plant Urban Farm Supply

Friends School Plant Sale

Green Earth Growers

Gretchen Kersten

Heidi's GrowHaus

Hennepin Technical College

Highland Nursery

Jeanne Weiggum

Jennifer Porwit

Kathy Johnson

Lake Owasso Garden Club

Lake Valley Seeds

Lakewinds Co-op

Larry Welliver

Monrovia Growers

North Heights Hardware Hank

Otten Bros Garden Center

Paul Christensen

Rush Creek Growers

Sailer's Greenhouse

Schulte's Nursery

Squire House Gardens

Sunnyside Gardens

Tangletown Farm

Tom Saby

Tonkadale Greenhouse

Unteidt's Garden Center

Wagners Greenhouses & Garden Center

Waldoch Farm Garden Center

Plant and Seed Donations

In Fiscal Year 2018, Minnesota Green distributed over $200,000 worth of plants, seeds and tools.


“The six community gardens and greenspaces that Frogtown Green manages would simply not be possible without the supply of annuals, perennials and vegetable starts from Minnesota Green.”

—Patricia Ohmans, Frogtown Green Coordinator

“Having seeds and plants from the Minnesota Green program has helped provide enough food for the gardeners to grow, and they have fun trying new plants they haven’t been exposed to before. Having those resources has allowed us to connect with the gardeners more too.”

—Rachel Murphy, CAPI food and nutrition services coordinator 

"On behalf of Munsinger and Clemens Gardens and the City of St. Cloud, we would like to thank you for all your support over the last many years. Munsinger and Clemens Gardens is a free public garden located on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. Cloud that attracts over 350,000 visitors every year. Our volunteer gardeners have planted approximately 80,000 annuals and another 10,000 perennials, shrubs, roses, tulips, and other miscellaneous plants in this 20+ acre park. With the help of Minnesota Green we are able to continue to offer our community and visitors new plants and new designs every season."

—Nia Primus, Gardens Supervisor, Munsinger and Clemens Gardens

Garden Groups

92 garden groups in the seven county metropolitan area participated in the Minnesota Green program in 2018.