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MSHS Library

nativeorchidsofmn-webThe collection includes:

  • 2,000 book titles - Search the library catalog by keyword, author, or title.
  • DVD and CD-ROM collection
  • Seed and nursery catalogs
  • Recent issues of garden magazines
  • Northern Gardener magazine - Complete collection
  • Historic documents and publications
  • On-site research for members and non-members
  • Borrowing privileges to members

    Even if you're not a member of MSHS, you're invited to come to the library and browse through the collection. Become a member and take advantage of one of the great benefits of membership. Want to join? You can right now online!

Mission Statement

The Minnesota State Horticultural Society library is committed to:
  • Acquiring, promoting, circulating and maintaining print and video materials on a broad range of horticultural and related subjects
  • Provide general reference materials on horticultural topics

strawbalegardens-karsten2013-webBorrowing Materials: Membership Benefit

  • Search for author, title and call number
  • Call 651-643-3601, toll free 1-800-676-6747 or email info@northerngardener.org
  • Postage paid sending; return postage obligation of borrower. Metro-area members are encouraged to pick up and return library materials in person.
  • Check out in person: MSHS hours
  • Eight item limit for a one month period

The Collection:

  • Supports the mission of MSHS by providing a circulating and reference collection of print and video material for members and for the in-house use of the general public.
  • Serves patrons with a wide range of interests and levels of expertise, from the beginning hobby gardener to the more advanced specialist
  • Serves its users by providing recent material with a range of degrees of specialization on subjects of current interest.
  • Since the emphasis is on current usefulness, material that is out of date, superceded by new editions, or in poor physical condition will not normally be retained
  • Is not intended to support academic research but may include materials that have academic value.

turnheresweetcorn-paperback-webDonation Policy: The MSHS Library Committee

  • Welcomes gifts of funds and horticulturally related books and materials
  • Reviews all donated materials
  • Evaluates inclusion based on criteria such as age, condition, format and content
  • May refuse gifts in poor physical condition or if they do not meet the criteria expressed in the collection statement for the MSHS Library Collection.
  • Will dispose of refused materials as it sees fit unless the donor requests their return
  • Cannot legally appraise gifts for tax or inheritance purposes
    Upon request, we will provide a receipt confirming the type and quantity of materials donated. The library does not assume any legal responsibility if this statement is used for tax purposes.


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