Recommended Presenter:

Julia Brokaw

Saint Paul, MN

(267) 377-5559

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Julia Brokaw is a fourth year PhD student in the Cariveau Native Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota. She studies nesting habitat preferences of solitary ground-nesting bees, how prescribed burns influence their nesting areas, and how to develop cost-effective tallgrass prairie seed mixes for wild bees. She is also studying conservation policy and is interested in how to develop transformative, grassroots, science-informed policies that support both pollinators and people. Before starting her PhD, she studied pollinators across the US in New York apple orchards, the deserts of California, and the pollinators of blueberries in Michigan.

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I started presenting and speaking about pollinators in 2016 in Michigan, and continued to take every opportunity possible to connect with different audiences to talk about pollinators and prairie restoration.

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Pollinators, native bees, nesting habitat for bees, tallgrass prairie seed mixes and management, prescribed burns, science and conservation policy