Wild Ones Twin Cities – A Master Gardener’s Journey into Native Gardening

Jul 31, 2022 4:00PM—6:00PM


311 16th Avenue North, South Saint Paul

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A Master Gardener’s Journey into Native Gardening

Wild Ones Twin Cities

Sunday, July 31, 4 – 6 pm

Location: 311 16th Avenue North, South Saint Paul

Master Gardener Robert Hatlevig’s garden story began when he and his wife, Helen, purchased a unique, Midcentury Modern home (originally a parsonage) atop a hill, overlooking a church, in South St. Paul.

For the past four years, Robert has enthusiastically embraced gardening with native plants on his 0.4-acre property, making great progress on the transition from “traditional” gardens to native gardens. While this landscape includes the remnants of traditional, inherited gardens (and a few invasive species to boot), Robert has an inspiring vision to guide the transition of this unique site into a rich, native landscape.

Tour large, sunny native plant gardens rich with pollinator favorites, including blazing stars, milkweeds, coneflowers, anise hyssops and more.
Follow the story of each garden in signage around the yard, including Robert’s ideas for native plantings for the yard’s shady areas.
Discover the creative, inexpensive ways Robert has supplied native plants for his gardens — including a Lawns to Legumes grant.
See how the gardens embrace the resident violets as a living mulch, as well as a visually beautiful “understory” companion to the inherited hostas.
Find out how Robert has included his neighbor in his gardening endeavors.

Please note: This entire property and featured gardens are on a slope; only the driveway and upper yard area are fully accessible.
311 16th Avenue North, South Saint Paul. Luther Memorial Lutheran Church is on 15th Avenue North, and the house is up the hill from that church. There are 15 – 20 diagonal parking spot between the church and house.