Growing Food

veggie gardener

6 Tips for New Vegetable Gardeners

Just starting out? We can help.

cabbage garden

Handling, Harvesting and Storing Veggies

Find the most effective ways to enjoy homegrown asparagus, beans, cabbage and other crops.

tomato container

Why Grow Tomatoes in Containers

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider growing tomatoes in a container.

garlic (2)

Tips for Growing Garlic

A guide to growing garlic, plus tips on harvesting, storage, and more. 


Grow Lettuce Longer: Tips for Extending the Season

Lettuce is a fast and steady crop to grow and harvest throughout the season. 

apple mint

Shade Tolerant Vegetables

Got shade? Don't let that stop you from growing your own vegetables.

winter sowing

Winter Sowing Vegetable Seeds

See how you can use inexpensive mini greenhouses to start vegetables from seed.

veggie in container

Organic Edibles for Small Spaces

Join the growing trend—try growing fruits and vegetables on patios and decks, in containers and small plots.

vegetables for fall harvest

Vegetables to Plant for a Fall Harvest

Hoping to continue your garden's bounty? Learn about what to vegetables to plant towards the end of the summer for a fall harvest. 

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Grow a Rainbow of Tomatoes

Our Community Programs Director, Courtney Tchida, has grown hundreds of varieties in cold-climates. Learn her favorite kinds and growing tips for best flavor.

strawberry plant

Growing Day Neutral Strawberries

Strawberry plants that produce fruit all summer long? They exist and you can grow them in the Upper Midwest! Learn how.

veggie in container

Organic Edibles for Small Spaces

Join the growing trend—grow fruits and vegetables on patios and decks, in containers and small plots.

apple tree

Apple Tree Pruning Made Easy

Learn how to prune your tree, look for disease and dead limbs and get as many apples as possible.

blueberry plant

Growing Fruits in Minnesota

Fruits are perennials, so they require a bit more commitment than vegetables. That said, they can still be well worth the effort.

espalier for insta (1)

Caring for Espalier Fruit Trees

Learn how espalier creates functional, edible art on your landscape.

pear tree

How to Grow Pears

Hardy pear trees grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 and 4—and they can be even easier to manage than their relative, the apple!

mint in a pot

Preserving Herbs: Ideas and Infusions

From pestos to herb vinegars, here are 4 ways to preserve herbs this winter.

better basils

Disease Resistant Basils

Basil Downy Mildew disease and a desire for something different have led gardeners to search for disease resistant varieties of basil.


Growing Patchouli

One of the more unusual herbs shown at the Minnesota State Fair is patchouli, a tender perennial that is often used in perfumes and is grown for its fragrant leaves.

Lemon Balm

Plant Profile: Lovely Lemon Balm

Learn about this aromatic, easy-to-grow herb and its many uses both in and outside the kitchen.


Plant Profile: Dill

Dill is a wonderful addition to your herb garden; it's easy to grow, beautiful, and a cooking staple. 

herb caterpillar

Plant Herbs for Pollinators

Herbs are great plants for butterfly larvae, and they're a favorite of bees and other pollinators as well. 

photo of dill leaf

Plant Profile: Dill

Dill is a delight to grow because it blesses you in two ways: with its exquisite beauty and its extensive culinary uses. 


Plant Profile: Lavender

With its deep purple flowers and scented foliage, lavender is a dream plant for many northern gardeners.

Anise Hyssop

Plant Profile: Anise Hyssop

This biennial herb is a popular choice among pollinators, birds, and northern gardeners.