Recommended Presenter:

Courtney Tchida

St. Paul, MN


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Courtney Tchida is the Community Programs Director for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society. Courtney has over 20 years of experience working in horticulture and food-systems education. She spent 16 years at the University of Minnesota coordinating the Student Programs in Sustainable Agriculture and managing Cornercopia Student Organic Farm. She has experience growing a wide variety of edible crops, planning and implementing gardens for schools, farms and food shelf gardens.

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MN Organic conferences, MSHS, PRI Cold Climate, Gardening Matters, various garden clubs

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Starting Seeds, Growing Vegetables, Herbs & Fruits, Garden Planning, Cover Crops & Soil Fertility, Season Extension, Urban Farming, Permaculture, BioIntensive Growing, Organic Practices, Seed Saving, Heirloom Tomatoes, Growing Ginger, Growing Day-Neutral Strawberries, Co-Teaches a Plant your Garden and Eat it too series with local Chef Beth Jones