Community Resources

seed library

Seed Library List

Check out this MN SEED project resource to find out about seed libraries in your local community! 

plant tag

How to Read a Plant Tag

A walk-through of how to read and understand all of the information you might find on a plant tag. 

basic garden terms

Basic Garden Terms Explained

A helpful, easy-to-read guide to garden terminology 101.

hardiness zone (1)

Find Your Hardiness Zone

Determining the hardiness zone of where you're gardening is key. Read here to find out!

school garden border

School Gardens: Fences & Borders

In this guide created by Kirsten Saylor, you'll find creative ideas on how to establish a sense of place within school gardens through garden bordering.


School Garden Support Organization Network

Learn more about how school gardens can receive ongoing support and guidance from this online community.

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Speaker Roster

Find experts in a wide range of gardening and environmental topics for your next garden club meeting or special event.


Garden Clubs

Looking for a Garden Club near you? Browse through a full list!


Minnesota Dahlia Society

Established in 1929 to promote the growing, showing, and enjoyment of dahlias and affiliated with the American Dahlia Society, MDS is an all-volunteer organization comprised of members of varying degrees of knowledge and expertise.


Iris Society of Minnesota

The Iris Society of Minnesota is a state-wide, nonprofit organization affiliated with the American Iris Society, and part of Region 8, together with Wisconsin. Their purpose is to broaden interest and disseminate information about irises.


North Star African Violet Council Twin Cities

North Star African Violet Council talks about all things relating to the growing, showing, hybridizing and appreciation of African violets and gesneriads. And while we're at it, anything else that's interesting about plants too!

Yellow Easter Lily

North Star Lily Society

The North Star Lily Society's purpose is to educate members in the culture of lilies and to promote the genus lilium. Their online mission is to share our knowledge in the upper Midwest area of the United States, specifically in the State of Minnesota. 


Minnesota Native Plant Society

The Minnesota Native Plant Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and appreciation of Minnesota’s native plants and plant communities through education and public awareness.


American Hemerocallis Society

The AHS is organized exclusively for educational and scientific purposes, and especially to promote, encourage, and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis and public interest therein.


Minnesota Hosta Society

The Minnesota Hosta Society, MHS, is a nonprofit educational society established in 1991 to promote knowledge of, and interest in, the shade loving landscape plant, hosta. They offer various activities for members and participate in several community events in the Twin City area.


Twin Cities Gesneriad Society

Twin Cities Gesneriad Society was founded in the 1970s as both a group in its own right and as a chapter of The Gesneriad Society, an international non-profit society dedicated to the study, habitat preservation, species conservation, and propagation of plants of the Gesneriad family.


African Violet Society of Minnesota

In operation for 32 years and located in Scandia, Minnesota, The African Violet Society is an educational non-profit focused on the growth and care of African Violets.


Daffodil Society of Minnesota

This site was created by William Smale with content provided by the Daffodil Society of Minnesota members and funded, in part, with a grant from the National Science Foundation through the Science Museum of Minnesota's Community Partnerships Serving Science Program.