Collecting Seed

Ready to get started? Here are top tips from our MN SEED Project pros for collecting seed responsibly.

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Tips for Seed Collection

  • Always get permission from the land owner or manager.
  • Confirm plant and seed identification using the iNaturalist app or other gardeners.
  • Take only 20% or every fifth seed head or pod
  • Use paper envelopes or bags to collect seed
  • Label, label, label! Note as much info as possible:
    • Common name
    • Scientific name
    • Collection date
    • Location
    • Number of plants
    • Your name or initials as the harvester
  • If possible, stay on a path or walkway and out of plantings. You never know what little friends (new seedlings included!) could be under foot in the garden.
  • When done collecting seed, clean up the site, leaving no evidence you were there.