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Native Plants

June Blooms, 2018: What’s Blooming Now?

Despite our late start this spring, many ornamental plants seem to be on schedule and the show of June blooms (peonies, irises, etc.) was spectacular. What’s blooming now? I took a walk around the neighborhood this morning to see what was blooming in the middle of June. Here’s what I saw:     Tucked amid…

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Book Review: Searching for Minnesota’s Native Wildflowers

As spring creeps up on us, eager lovers of wildflowers will soon begin exploring Minnesota’s forests and natural areas looking for rue anemone, hepatica and Canada mayflower. They will be out again in summer to look for white prairie clover or horned bladderwort; and in fall, searching for signs of white rattlesnake root and heath…

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Review: New Bee Guide from Heather Holm

Minnesota author Heather Holm’s latest bee guide has the detail to satisfy even the most engaged citizen scientists and the scope to give beginning gardeners ideas for creating bee habitats. Bees: An Identification and Plant Forage Guide (Pollinator Press, 2017) is a follow up to Holm’s earlier book Pollinators of Native Plants (Pollinator Press, 2014)…

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Plant Profile: Showy Lady's Slipper

Every school child in Minnesota should be able to recognize the whimsical, shoe-likeĀ  look of the showy lady’s slipper (Cypripedium reginae), our state flower and a show-stopping orchid that is native to the bogs and wetlands of the state, particularly in the north. Supporters of MSHS were treated to an up-close look at the state…

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