Tips and Tricks for Collecting Native Seeds 

collecting native seeds

Native plant seeds are drying and ready for collecting! First things first, always get permission from those who manage or own the site or garden. People are often happy to share seeds, but always best to ask first. This is especially true on public land, such as parks. Find the park manager or ranger to…

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Why Save Seeds

why save seeds

As the summer days shorten and give way to signs of fall, our mature gardens wind down as well. It’s this time of the year that gardeners begin saving seeds from their own gardens or someone else’s (with permission, of course!). Why save seeds? We asked our friends at Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa,…

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2022 Update from the Director

Two years is but a blip in the life of a 156-year-old organization, but I like to think we’ve moved the needle more than a little since I was honored to join y’all as Executive Director in July of 2020. I stepped into a team still actively reinventing ourselves in response to COVID. How could…

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