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Landscape Design

Garden Design Advice from a Pro

One of the best things about the home and garden shows held each year is for the price of admission you can get some great garden design advice from the pros. Friday night, I sat in on two talks. Here are three takeaways from a great talk on design from Don Engebretson, garden designer, stone…

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Home and Garden Show Ideas Aplenty

The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show will be running two weekends this year (instead of just one), and we are excited to once again have scheduled a host of great garden speakers for you to hear. The talks will be held at the Garden Theater, just outside of the main doors to the show in…

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Plant Profile: Tiger Eyes Sumac

Staghorn sumac is a large treelike shrub native to the eastern edge of Minnesota, Wisconsin and much of southeastern Canada. Tall with an umbrella habit as it matures, stagorn or cutleaf sumac is a great choice for larger, wilder landscapes. Birds love it and the fruits can be used for everything from dyes to lemonade.…

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Designing an Entry, Deck or Patio Garden

Winter is a great time to learn a new skill to use in the garden, and MSHS offers several classes for folks who want to learn more about vegetable gardening, flower judging or other fun topics. This year, MSHS is offering a special class on how to design an entry, deck or patio garden. The…

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