Garden Zone Experiments

October 14, 2022 |

What’s your garden zone? Do you ever try to cheat it? I rarely do. Most of the plants I grow that belong in warmer zones have two fates: I allow them to perish with the first frost or freeze; or I place them in pots to spend the winter indoors in my sunroom. But I’ve…

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A Nightmare Awaits

October 13, 2022 |

Your heart’s racing, hands shaking… still you reach for the doorknob. The hinge creaks. Cobwebs stretch and snap as a widening crack of light seeps in, crawling along the floor and up the back wall to illuminate something you thought you had long since forgotten, something you wished would just disappear. But there it sits,…

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Can You Grow Food Indoors?

October 9, 2022 |

Author Kim Roman says, yes, you can. In her new book, How to Garden Indoors and Grow Your Own Food Year Round (Creative Homeowner, 2022), Roman gives encouraging and pragmatic tips for how to grow food indoors using hydroponic and soil-based systems. A gardening teacher and expert in square-foot gardening, Roman lives in Maryland (USDA…

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Tips and Tricks for Collecting Native Seeds 

October 6, 2022 |

Native plant seeds are drying and ready for collecting! First things first, always get permission from those who manage or own the site or garden. People are often happy to share seeds, but always best to ask first. This is especially true on public land, such as parks. Find the park manager or ranger to…

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Saving and Storing Dahlia Tubers

October 5, 2022 |

  Since dahlias are native to Mexico, it’s not surprising that they can’t survive our winters here. What makes them so popular with northern gardeners, however, is the fact that they grow from tubers, which we can dig up and store inside during the winter. This makes them “perennial” in some respects, because we can…

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