What if you could do just one thing that would protect at-risk pollinators, conserve natural resources and introduce more native flowers? Oh, and did we mention it's low maintenance? Seems like a no-brainer, right? Create a bee lawn and serve up a yard full of native flowers providing high-quality food for bees, butterflies and other disappearing pollinators.

See why pollinators and homeowners alike are falling in love with this turf-grass alternative.

How to choose a site, establish a bee lawn and keep it growing strong.

Benefits of Bee Lawns

Discover why bee lawns are so valuable and find which grasses and native flowers to include.

Twin City Native Bee Lawn Mix creates a yard full of native flowers that will feed at-risk pollinators.

Less water, mowing and fertilizing? Okay, you have our attention...

Ready to dig deeper? Learn even more about flowering bee lawns from the pros.

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