State Award Categories

Individual State Awards

The Life Service Award is given to individuals and groups who have volunteered for 10 years or more in the interest of horticulture and MSHS. They will have demonstrated a leadership role in their community or beyond. Criteria includes board volunteerism, writing articles or speaking on behalf of MSHS at events or garden clubs. Could include the development of parks and garden spaces. Individuals (but not groups) will be given a lifetime subscription to Northern Gardener magazine.

The Horticultural Achievement Award is given to an individual or group who has made a remarkable contribution in horticulture through the development of a new plant(s) or the establishment of an arboretum, etc. The recognized achievement will span a significant period of time and make a major impact on northern horticulture.

The MSHS Youth Award is for an individual 18 years or younger, a youth group, school or organization such as FFA, 4H, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts that has implemented a project in environmental education or community greening. May be sponsored by a single entity, the project should be open to other youth in the community.

The MSHS Educators Award honors a person who has served as an environmental or horticultural educator for at least 15 years, either in public schools, technical college, university, extension or other non-traditional roles.

The MSHS Volunteer Recognition Award is given annually to a volunteer at MSHS whose efforts, commitment and dedication helps MSHS achieve its goals.

The MSHS Garden Club Award is given annually to a garden club or member of a garden club of MSHS who demonstrates a leadership role in their community by improving public gardens, educating children and mentoring other gardeners. They support the mission of MSHS by communicating their garden club's volunteer efforts to MSHS and sharing information with MSHS and other garden clubs.

Greening Awards

The Community Livability Award is given to an individual, group or organization that has organized and implemented a community beautification/greening project in parks or public spaces. Can be a new or a reclamation project that creates a gathering place for the community. Any size project will be considered. Will contribute to the community's "living " spaces. The award winner will have nurtured the project and community members, businesses and organizations need to be involved.

The St. Paul Garden Club Award is given to an organization, group or individual who demonstrates excellence in community vegetable gardening. Developing, sponsoring and perpetuating vegetable gardens that are devoted to the community and its members. Teaching best practice vegetable gardening techniques, accessible to a wide range of community members, and sustainable insuring continued use by the community.

The MSHS Sponsorship Award is given to an individual, group or organization that has contributed to supporting, fostering and insuring the success of our outreach programs.

The Governor's Certificate of Commendation is awarded to individuals and/or groups to acknowledge significant contributions in community greening efforts.

District Awards

The Award of Merit recognizes special merit in the promotion, performance, or benefit of northern horticultural and gardening activities by an individual or group. Open to all individuals or groups and awarded at the District Level.

The Outstanding District Service Award is given to past Award of Merit recipients for continued exemplary service at the District Level.  This award may be given to any MSHS individual or group.  Submitted to District for review and awarded at the District Level.


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